11- Directories and files

11- Directories and files

os module functions:

    • os.getcwd(): obtains the current working directory.

      • os.chdir(dir): changes the current working directory to dir.

      • os.listdir(dir="."): lists files in the directory dir.

      • os.path.exists(path): checks whether the path exists.

To print the current directory:

import os # import modules
print (os.getcwd()) # e.g., "C:\Users\Azad"

To change the current directory to the home directory:

import os, os. path # import modules
home_dir = os.path.expanduser ("~") # get home directory
os.chdir (home_dir )

To list all files in the home directory:

# ['$netrc', '.anaconda', '.bash_history', '.bundle', ...]

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