16- Load GeoPackage layers by function

Download a gpgk data, then unzip it.

Loading a list of layer names in the GeoPackage:

from osgeo import ogr
gpkg1 = 'D:/Python_QGIS/data/osopentoid_202105_gpkg_sr/osopentoid_202105_sr.gpkg'
gpkg_layers = [n.GetName() for n in ogr.Open(gpkg1)]
print('os_mastermap_topography_layer' in gpkg_layers)

print('london_boroughs' in gpkg_layers)

Python Console returns "False" because the layer not available

Writing a function to add new layers:

def add_layer(gpkg, layer):
    layers = [n.GetName() for n in ogr.Open(gpkg)]
    if layer in layers:
        iface.addVectorLayer(gpkg + "|layername=" + layer, layer, 'ogr')
        print('Error: there is no layer named "{}" in {}!'.format(layer, gpkg))

Use defined add_layer function to add a new layer

add_layer(gpkg1, 'os_mastermap_topography_layer')

Function to add multiple layers:

def add_layers(gpkg, layers):
    for layer in layers:
        add_layer(gpkg, layer)

add_layers(gpkg1, ['os_mastermap_sites_layer', 'os_mastermap_highways_network'])

A function to add all layers:

def add_all_layers(gpkg):
    layers = [n.GetName() for n in ogr.Open(gpkg)]
    add_layers(gpkg, layers)